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Built for Business

How to find server memory that's built for business

Server memory helps power your organization. Is your RAM up to the task?

From powering your network to running operating systems and virtualized applications, your servers handle the bulk of the IT workload. However, server performance isn’t dictated by the make and model of the server. It’s all about the memory, processor, and storage components that are installed. But there’s a caveat: since memory is where active data lives, it’s the biggest performance constraint if you run out.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to maximize workload performance is to maximize memory performance. It all starts with quality components. Here are three things to look for when choosing server memory.

  1. Look for server memory that’s manufactured start to finish, not just end-assembled

    In the memory industry, there are only three major DRAM component manufacturers: Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix. This is important for two reasons:
    • Many third party brands claim to be component manufacturers, when they’re really assemblers who use a variety of components from a variety of vendors to piece together server modules.
    • Server manufacturers don’t make their own memory – they make servers. When you see a server manufacturer’s label on a module, it means the module was made elsewhere and then rebranded.
    When memory isn’t manufactured start to finish, quality and reliability aren’t as high, meaning module failure rates can be higher. Don’t put yourself at risk of downtime, which is significantly more expensive than the marginal cost of quality memory. The highest level of quality and reliability is achieved when every aspect of the memory – from choice silicone to finished module – is tested, monitored at every phase of production, and tested again, just to be sure. As a brand of Micron, that’s how we manufacture Crucial server memory.
  2. Seek more than just compatibility

    It isn’t enough to just install compatible memory in a server. To get the most out of your IT budget, you want affordable memory that’s compatible with (a) your server and (b) your server’s warranty. To find memory that’s compatible on both counts for virtually any server, just enter the server’s make and model into the Memory Advisor™ tool and get a list of compatible and affordable upgrades.
  3. Verify that the manufacturer works closely with CPU and platform developers

    Server memory that’s built to last is built on lasting industry relationships and technology collaboration over multiple product cycles. As a brand of Micron, we work closely with industry leaders in CPU and platform development, along with the leading server and motherboard manufacturers to enable the channel. Before the latest server chipsets and platforms are publicly released, we’ve extensively tested on them to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

The bottom line: don’t settle for less

When evaluating server memory, it’s easy to stay on the surface when it comes to quality, compatibility, and performance, but an enterprise level investment demands heightened scrutiny. Choose components that are built for the rigors of modern business. With ever-growing 24/7/365 server demands, your organization depends on it.

Compatible upgrades. Guaranteed. Find the right upgrades with either of our easy-to-use tools.